thailand-gap-travelAsia is very popular for Gap Travel, especially Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in South  East Asia. Gap Travelling has been around in Thailand for ages, as Thailand was one of the original gap travel destinations. Recently, Cambodia Vietnam and now Laos are proving popular with Gap Travellers.

It is easy to see why gap travellers, or gappers as they are sometimes referred to, flock to South East Asia. Firstly the climate is good, and is sunny year round. Secondly it is relatively cheap to live there. Thirdly the people are very friendly and welcoming. Fourthly there are great beaches…and so on… Oh yes and don’t forget the cheap  shopping, temples, great nightlife and inexpensive very tasty food in a wide variety of restaurants. Very appealing to the majority on a gap travel experience.

Gap travel in Asia however is more than just these countries. There is India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, where a gap travel journey is completely different. Gap Travel in India can include seeing amazing buildings like the Taj Mahal, as well as a huge variety of landscapes and peoples. Gap travellers to Sri Lanka can help by volunteering to build or teach, and gapers going to Nepal can help local poor children in the Himalayan foothills.

Many gap travellers head to China, where there are loads of places to explore and things to learn. Gap Travel in China often involves a tour and a short language course, and quite a few people earn money by teaching English.

Cambodia Gap Travel

While in Asia, do not overlook Mongolia, Japan and South Korea, each one a fascinating and different experience for gap travel.