Gap Travel Thailand

Thailand is a brilliant gap year destination. Apart from being an excellent destination in its own right, it is en route to Australia and New Zealand and many flights stopover there before Sydney and Auckland gap travel.

Whether you are a gap year student on your first trip, or a seasoned gap year traveler, Thailand is a great place to spend time.  

The capital city, Bangkok, is where the vast majority of gap travelers arrive in Thailand. It is definitely worth spending a few days in the city, where there are lots of backpackers hostels and cheap gap travel hotels (as well as a large number of luxury hotels). Shopping is excellent, in local markets as well as glitzy shopping malls. There are lots of historic places to see, and the nightlife is excellent and varied.

Sooner or later most gap year students and travellers end up at a beach, and there are many resorts and islands to choose from. The best known are Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi phi, Koh Lanta and Phuket. 

A visit to Northern and Central Thailand is interesting. Chiang Mai is famous for its World War 2 prison camp but is also a very  interesting destination with about a million visitors a year. And how about volunteering to teach in local schools while you are travelling in Thailand?