Gap Travel Vietnam

Tourism to Vietnam is growing fast. Many gap year travelers who have visited Thailand are now looking for new destinations in which to spend their gap year or part of their gap travel trip, and Vietnam is one which is appealing to gap travelers because it is still very much under-developed.

Having said that, Vietnam tourism is developing rather fast, and so if you are considering a gapyear that includes a visit to Vietnam because it is unchanged from the past, you should travel there within the next few years.

Vietnam has had a very troubled history, especially in the 60’s and 70’s with the Vietnam War, but also before and afterwards. Now however, things are much more stable and while gap travel around Vietnam will still involve dealing with poor infra-structure, such as accommodation, roads and vehicles, it is considered a safe gap year destination recommended to anyone considering a gap year travel.

Most gap year travelers to Vietnam visit Ho Chi Ming City (formerly called Saigon) and Hanoi, the capital. The country is long and thin, in the shape of an “S” curving from north to south, over 1000 miles long. Vietnam is growing in importance in a region where it is one of several countries that are emerging as increasingly powerful economies.