In the 1970’s and 1980’s most young people who took time out of their life to travel went on a Eurail pass train journey through Europe. These people were on an early type of gap year, although they would not have called it that.

Now, gap travel in Europe generally means one of three things:

A gap travel language experience – Gap travellers who learn a foreign language are adding something impressive to their curriculum vitae, as well as helping themselves to become better communicators. Spain, France and Italy are the most popular destinations for a gap travel language course.

Volunteering by teaching English – Gap Travel can mean paid work, and in countries in the EU, that means Brits can work legally. Teaching English pays quite well and can be really fun and worthwhile, and also looks good on the cv.

Other work – Your gap travel trip can also mean working as something other than a teacher. Gappers often work a ski season, or as waiters, au pairs or as a holiday company rep in a resort. Or your gap travel experience can be really worthwhile if you volunteer to help communities in places like Romania, Moldova, Albania or other poorer Eastern European countries.

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