Gap Travel Mexico

Mexico is generally considered off the popular gap travel radar, but it is well worth a visit. As an emerging country, Mexico has a changing mixture of people, and on your gap travels you may be surprised at the economic development in many areas, as the middle class is growing fast.

There are some wonderful places to visit on your Mexican gap travels. From the capital, Mexico City, heads south on your gap trip, to Oaxaca, Cuernavaca, Taxco and Acupulco. The Pacific Coast has several large popular resorts, but still has sleepy villages for gap travellers to explore. Inland, gappers can explore amazing pre Columbian Mayan ruins, and see the fantastic temples and buildings at Chichen-Itza, located near Merida in the east.

Cancun is a modern beach resort on the eastern coast, and gap travellers generally spend a couple of weeks in this region as there is much to see and do.