Canada Gap Travel

A massive country spreading from the east coast to west coast of North America, and an exciting and easy country to travel across on your gap trip. Gap travellers are welcome in Canada and of course, apart from Quebec, it is English speaking.

A proper gap travel journey to Canada should include visits to Quebec City, Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls in the east, then Banff, Jasper and the Rocky Mountains, and finally Vancouver in the west.

Your gap travel itinerary could include a working holiday visa for the summer, or longer, and gap year students are welcome on the Whistler and other ski areas in the winter.

The best way to travel within Canada on a gap year journey depends non your budget and your time scale. Flying is quite cheap and as the distances are vast, a flight on your gap travels is probably best. However many gappers enjoy overland journeys, such as the train across the prairies, or a small group adventure trip, so consider including this on your gap year programme.