Gap Travel New Zealand

New Zealand is a brilliant destination for gap year travelers due to the variety gap travel options. 

New Zealand is about open spaces, sheep farming (10 sheep for every person in NZ), being green, and outdoor adrenaline pursuits.

 A gap year spend in New Zealand will be full of exciting activities and opportunities to see this incredibly beautiful country. For gap travel we would recommend arranging a working holiday visa which can allow backpackers to stay and work in NZ for up to 2 years. There are restrictions on this visa, so make sure you qualify. Basically you need to be 18 – 30 (inclusive) and not had such a visa before for New Zeland. 

There are lots of opportunities for gap travelers to work in New Zealand, anything from fruit picking to working in a bar. Since it is so far from the UK (about as far away as you can go) it is well worth staying for a good amount of time.

New Zealand is made up of several islands, but the biggest two by far are the North Island and South Island. The capital city is Wellington, but the commercial center is Auckland, by far the biggest city. The population of the whole country is only 4 million, which is tiny compared with the UK, considering the two countries are about the same size.