Gap Travel Tanzania

Tanzania is a medium size country located on the equator in East Africa. The country has been independent since 1961 and has been an attractive place for gap year travelers to travel.

While Tanzania is still poor, the last few years have been pretty good, and with gap travel tourism revenues and agricultural exports rising, the country is getting in better shape.

Tanzania still needs a lot of help from gap year travelers though, which is where you could become a gap travel volunteer.

Gap Travel offers you several options after your volunteer project is over, some of which are unique to Tanzania, such as a visit to a world class game reserve, a climb up Africa’s highest peak, and a visit to an amazing slave trading spice island.

While Tanzania is undoubtably one of the best countries to visit in Africa, the infrastructure in the country needs improvement. The roads are not great and the rail system poor, and car rental is not a good option. Most people travel by bus or air, and both can be tedious. Gap Travel recommends that gap year participants take a tour through Tanzania, this way your transportation is covered and you will also learn a lot about the country and enjoy good company on your gap travels.