Gap Travel Ghana

Ghana is an important country for gap travel in West Africa. While much of the population is incredibly poor, Ghana is known for it’s high rate of literacy and stable governments. Gap Travel in Ghana generally involves flying into the capital Accra, having an orientation programme to get settled in, then travelling to a village or small town outside Accra.

Ghana is a very colourful country, the women wear beautiful clothes made with miles of brightly coloured cloth. If you are a girl visiting Ghana on a gap year, you must return with one of these seriously nice outfits!

Ghana is English speaking and and an influential country on the African continent. Taking a gap year volunteer placement in Ghana will not only benefit the poor people you help, but will also increase your knowledge and awareness of Africa gap travel and its place in the world.

Ghana is easy to get to, an eight hour flight direct from London to Accra and you’ll be ready for Ghana gap travel.