The Ultimate Gap Travel Resource Website


gap_year_travelIn the past decade gap travel has grown faster than any other type of travel.

Whereas in 2001 there were just a handful of gap travel providers, now in 2011 there are getting on for 100 gap travel organisations, and many of these are handling thousands of travelling customers every year.

Gap Travel has grown because taking a gap year or gap break has become the norm for young people leaving school or university. Now, with tuition fees presenting a financial threat to potential university students, and with the current poor employment prospects, many young people are thinking that they may just as well take a gap trip.

Older people too are taking gap travel journeys. Most do not take a full year, and so the term gap year is being replaced by gap trip, or better…gap travel.

People who take gap travel journeys are often referred to as gappers or gap travellers.

gap_travel_yearGap Travel can mean a journey lasting anything from a few weeks to a few years and there are many great  destinations available to people go on their gap travels, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. There are numerous possibilities of things to do and accomplish on a gap trip.

It is important that students who are planning to go to university, or find a job upon their return, do something worthwhile on their gap travels, such as volunteering or undertaking paid work, or learning new skills such as how to sail or how to speak a foreign language. A gap trip spent simply having fun will not impress the university  admissions people or the employers nearly as much as a well structured and useful gap travel journey..

Most people decide where to go on their gap travels first, then look at options for activities in the countries that they plan to visit, and there are lots of gap travel options, such as adventure travel, volunteering with local communities or with wildlife or conservation, paid work, learning new skills, learning a new language, taking tours and much more.

We hope that this website will give you ideas about where you can go and what you can go on your gap travel journey.